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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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The AKA is supported by generous donors of the kiting community

As we all unpack from the convention and get started on next years festivities, there is one thing that popped up during the Annual Business Meeting from the AKA’s Parliamentarian and Fundraising Extraordinaire Ted Manekin. That was the start of the Sustaining Membership Program. This program is designed to help the AKA not only keep the lights on, but the kites in the sky! Sustaining Members can opt to donate as much or as little as they choose on a monthly basis, for whatever length of time they choose. More will come on this program in the next month, but if you want to help the AKA get started and help shape the future, take a second to think about becoming a Sustaining Member. Would you be willing to donate the cost of one cup of coffee a month if it meant that kids would be learning about kites, or that there would be more events and activities in your area, or even more kite plans on the website for members?
There are two ways to donate, the first way is to go to the donation tab, and fill out your information. In the comments section please include “I would like a sustainable membership”. Your Executive Director will follow up with you on the next steps. The other way is to fill out this form sustainable-donation and email it to
If you have any questions, or suggestions about this program, please do not hesitate to contact us. The first few sustaining members will help define how this program runs, they will help set the ‘gold standard’ for the future. Consider becoming that person.
Look to this page and our main blog for a review of the convention and one on one conversations with our members in the next week. Also stay tuned for the next issue of Kiting Magazine and see some of the action that you missed! If you absolutely can not wait till then, try a search for the following hashtag (Mainly on Facebook, but also Twitter, Instagram, Google, etc…) #AKAGN
Members that were at the convention used this hashtag when they posted online, and this hashtag will collect everything they posted to make it easier for you to find photos, statuses, videos and more! Here is a little teaser of something you might have missed; it is a new segment we are calling the ‘3 Question Interview’.