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Drawing complete 7/1/13
Congratulations to Larry Pence of Arizona!

Skydog KitesLongtime supporters Skydog Kites have provided us with a sweet collection of kites for you this time around, including three of Dodd Gross’ well known sport kite designs, three of which are going up in the latest AKA Members raffle – tickets will be available through all of June, and a winner drawn on July 1st, 2013!

With help from Jim Christianson (Skydog Kites owner) and his knowledgable staff, we’ve chosen and arranged this top flight package of kites that are sure to enhance anyone’s sport kite bag.

NOTE: You must be an active AKA member to enter this raffle, tickets ($2 each) are available via the AKA Members Forum link below (click here to become a member– all three kites go to one winner.

Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the members forum.


Kite #1: Black Dog by Dodd Gross

The Black Dog is a very unique sport kite. It is designed as a trainer and introduction for those pilots ready to move up to advanced slack line trick flying. It also comes with factory installed features normally found on much more expensive sport kites. The Black Dog basically came from another one of our successful designs, the Thunderstruck. We enlarged it, replaced the Fiberglass frame with a durable hiugh tech carbon frame, tweaked it out a bit, added a weight system, yo yo stoppers, covered the leading edge to avoid line catches, and basically gave it everything our higher end sport kites have for tricking. Don’t let its 6 foot wingspan fool you, this kite is capable of all the advanced big wing sport kite tricks and the smaller size allows the fliers to learn these tricks without the pull associated with larger wingspan slack line sport kites. Includes Ready To Fly Dyneema fly lines on winder with fly straps.


Skydog Kites - Black Dog

Click here for Black Dog video !


Kite #2: Sweet Emotion by Dodd Gross

Most experienced fliers pick up the lines of a new Sport Kite and begin flying it around like the kite they are used to flying. If they can’t do the tricks as well as they can do on their own kite, within 5 minutes they quit and dont like the kite. If you spent 1 hour on the Sweet Emotion, you will learn it. And you will learn quickly that the reason you didn’t connect immediately with it is because it is different. That’s the point! It’s different! It it flies just like the Sport kite you have, why buy another one!

Within 30 minutes the experience flier will begin to notice that Flic Flacs and roll ups are easier and faster. That Jacobs Ladders and other combination tricks just flow. Ok since it is a higher aspect sport kite design, it is designed for tricking in medium to higher winds. I was going to design a Vented kite, but after seeing what the Sweet Emotion can do in my hands and others in high winds, I think I will wait on that one, it flies goooood and you will find that too, and within an hour, you want one!
This is our high end sport kite using a .05oz Ripstop Polyester sail with a 6mm Carbon Fiber Frame. The lower spreaders are a high tech wrapped and tapered graphite that gives the right amount of stiffness to the entire frame. Like the Crossfire, it is factory ready for Slack Line Tricking right out of the bag.

Skydog Kites - Sweet Emotion

Click here for Sweet Emotion video!

Kite #3: Dream On by Dodd Gross

This is what us older kite fliers call a “team kite”. Big, slow and predictable. The Dream On is not only one of the most beautiful sport kites ever to fly in the sky, but also one of the most pleasurable. If you are a smooth flier and don’t really care about the latest slack line tricks and just want to fly a beautiful and predictable sport kite, this is for you. But wait, with a simple and quick bridle adjustment, the Dream On is capable of todays more advanced tricks. One of the most versatile sport kites today and proven to be one of the most popular sport kites in the sky! Framed in a durable and high tech carbon frame and includes ready to fly Dyneema fly lines on winder with fly straps.

Skydog Kites - Dream On

Click here for Dream On video!

Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the members forum.