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Scott came onto the kite field in 1997 and hasn’t left yet! Flying a Sport kite has been his passion. Ever since then he has been promoting kite flying on and off the kite field.
He began competing in the NWSKL in 1998 and is still active. He and Bill Rogers formed the pair Sixth Sense in 1999. It became a team of 3 and 4 in 2000. This team competed in 3 World Championship Competitions until 2006. In 2012 he served as a judge at the World Championships in Berck, France. Scott became involved in the Northwest Sport kite League leadership in 2005 as the Indoor Coordinator. From 2011 – 2014 he served as President of the league. As past president he still serves the league as conference commissioner for the AKA. Scott became involved in the AKA as a Region 9 Director in 2012.
As a member of the Sport kite Rules Committee he has worked to change and clarify some of the rules for competition. He now serves as the chair of this committee. In 2001 Scott organized the sport of Indoor Kite Flying in Long Beach, WA. The Windless Kite Festival supports the World Kite Museum and is the longest continuously running Indoor event in AKA. Because of the popularity of this event indoor flying has become a major sport kite event and is now recognized by the AKA. With his assistance and leadership the NWSKL now supports four indoor festivals each year. Fliers can compete indoor with single line, dual line and quad line kites Scott has been instrumental in helping alot of fliers learn to fly and to improve their flying. He is always encouraging fliers. His son and daughter both competed for a number of years.
In 2006 Team Evidence was created to train new fliers and fly in competitions. In 2012 he took one young flier to Berck France to fly demos and experience the culture. In 2014 with two more young fliers Team Evidence competed in the World Sport Kite Championships. This team encourages young people to fly and become new AKA members. In addition to his sport kiteinvolvement Scott served as 2 years as president of the Pierce County Kitefliers Association from 2004 to 2005.
Under his leadership the PCKA started its own festival. This festival is currently being sponsored by the Pierce County Parks and Recreation as an annual event. Scott has been an inspiration and friend to many kite fliers, has helped create kiting events and has been involved in AKA for years. We feel he is indeed a flier who has dedicated himself to the sport of kite flying and as such should be recognized for his spirit.

Signed by – Lisa & Bud Root, Bob & Donna Wendt, Willy Hendrickson, Stephen Owen, Al Councilman, Amy Doran, Bill Rogers, Mari Daniels, Wayne Turner, Travis Reedy, Kristian Slater, Nicolas Knight, Jerry Cannon, Jim Landers, Andy Sykes, Penny Lingenfelter

3 Question Interview with Scott Davis from American Kitefliers Association on Vimeo.