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Congratulations to Eileen Snee of Australia, winners of this raffle!
Master kitemaker, artist and frequent workshop teacher Karl Longbottom has donated TWO brand new, handmade Pterodactyl kites for you this time around – tickets will be available through all of October, and one winner will be drawn on November 1st, 2013!

NOTE: You must be an active AKA member to enter this raffle, tickets ($2 each) are available via the AKA Members Forum link below (click here to become a member– both kites go to a single winner.

Click here to buy your tickets now! (login required)
Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the members forum.


Two handmade Pterodactyl kites by Karl Longbottom

Karl Longbottom, an engineer by trade, has been designing and making kites for over twenty years; full time since 2003. Working from home in the wilds of the English border with Wales, he regularly produces new designs.

First seen in April 2009, this small single line kite is at its best when flown on a light line in low winds. Both the larger Icarex verson and smaller ripstop kite are great fun to fly indoors.

Click here to buy your tickets now! (login required)
Please contact us if you have any difficulty accessing the members forum.