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Program Precision is a new competition format that adds some excitement to precision flying while significantly reducing the time required to complete the discipline.
In Program Precision, competitors fly 3 pre-chosen precision figures as components of an encompassing 1-4 minute non-musical routine.  The three figures are selected by the Chief Judge and are required to be posted in the order they are to be flown at least 30 days in advance of the competition.
When the flier takes the field, they begin their routine by calling “IN”. Throughout the course of the routine, as the flier begins each figure, they will call “IN” again, and “OUT” as they complete the figure. At the end of the routine, the competitor will call “OUT”. Judges are required to quickly score each figure as it is completed, then judge the routine as a whole once it is completed.The Program format is only used for individual dual or multi-line precision, and only for the Experienced and Masters classes. Scoring for the format is the same as the current standard format; each figure counts for 20% of the total score, 40% of the total score comes from the Execution and Choreography scores for the routine.
Full details can be found in AKA Appendix 2.7:
The AKA Sport Kite Committee strongly recommends the use of this new format for all AKA-sanctioned sport kite events.  It will save event organizers, competitors, and field staff up to 50% of the time normally spent on the field for precision events.  As an event organizer, it makes your event so much easier to schedule and allow for more flexibility for varying conditions.  It also means that your judging panels and field staff spend less time standing with clipboards and more time flying and having fun!The 2013 AKAGN national competition will also be using the Program Precision format, so it's important that competitors across the country get the opportunity to fly in the format before they compete for a national title.  Program Precision has been the dominant format used on the East Coast for the past 2 years, and has been uniformly accepted by competitors, judges and field staff as a much better format than the standard precision.