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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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1st place poster design by Susana Rubio

Are you planning to do something with kites this spring? Would you like to share the fun of kiting with others? Then what better time is there to do that than during National Kite Month? And what better way to let us know about it than to register it on the National Kite Month website?
The official start of National Kite Month 2013 is March 30, about 4 weeks away. The NKM Kite Event Calendar shows more than 60 events are already registered. In past announcements it was stated that every event registered within each week of NKM will get an equal shot in a weekly cash prize drawing. One thing that was yet to be established was what, exactly, that weekly prize would be. How does a cool $100 sound? That’s right. Just by putting on a kite event that in some way brings the public at large together with the joy of kiting, and letting us know about it, you might win $100 for your effort. Of course, if we don’t know who you are or where you get your mail the AKA would not be able to send you a check. So be sure to include those vital facts in the kite event registration form.
In addition to the weekly prize drawing there will be an award given to the person or group who registers the most events within the entire NKM 2013 period, March 30 through May 5. That prize will be $200, and surely will be a welcomed reward for the extra effort it takes to stage several kite events in the 5 weeks of NKM. If there are any questions regarding NKM 2013 please contact the NKM Chairman or post your question on the NKM thread of the AKA Forum. That forum is also a good place to keep up on any further news that may develop.
To help make your kiting event more visible to the public the NKM website has an official National Kite Month Poster that can be downloaded in many forms. This poster by Susana Rubio of Norman, OK was chosen as the best of all the poster contest entries, and for that effort she received a $100 cash prize. Please use this poster to let the general population in your area know about the place, time, date and other information regarding your event. Let your joy of kiting be known to as many others as possible. An eye-catching poster is an excellent way to help do this.
Are you thinking about doing something during National Kite Month but haven’t figured out what or how to do it? The AKA and NKM websites are full of helpful information from how to organize an event to helpful educational resources. However, as we feel the future of kiting in general is in our children, we hope you make a special attempt this National Kite Month to introduce a child to the world of kites. Therefore, should your registered NKM event include children’s kite making, or be specifically aimed at children in classrooms, your event may very well find two entries in the weekly cash prize drawing.
Above all, let there be kites and those that love them.
Mike Mosman
2013 NKM Chair