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Are you planning on going to the AKA Convention? While we know everyone is coming for the kites and the kite community, we also know sometimes you need a break and want to do something else.  Here are a few suggestions of other things to see in do in Ocean City care of our friends at Ocean City Tourism
October 13th-14th Is CORVETTE Weekend – Great annual event for Corvette enthusiasts and owners. This is the largest Corvette Club sponsored event on the East Coast of the United States with over 1,200 Corvette enthusiasts attending from Canada to Florida. Car shows, road rallies, a parade and other related activities raise money for charity.  For more information, visit or email
October 15th-15th OC Beach Ultimate Classic Frisbee Tournament – Saturday & Sunday – 9am to 5pm, on the beach from Wicomico St. to Somerset St. The OC Beach Classic is a two-day beach ultimate frisbee tournament in which teams of 10-15 players compete in 45-minute games. There are eight total rounds , and each team will play four games during pool play on Saturday and at least two games during bracket play on Sunday, culminating in a finals game to crown a champion.  The event is a Beach Ultimate Frisbee Tournament established under the offical BULA/USA ULTIMATE Rule Book 11th Edition. For more information, contact Alex Jacoski at

What about 100 FREE Things to do in Ocean City?

*We really like #13. Maybe we can convince them to move that to #1!

1. Attend Sundaes in the Park with a free fireworks show each night.
2. Gather the family for some friendly competition at Family Beach Olympics.
3. Enjoy one of our Movies on the Beach nights.
4. Don’t miss the new OC Beach Dance Party events.
5. Take in the excitement of the Ocean City Boardwalk at night.
6. Learn something new at The Life-Saving Museum’s fun facts session.
7. Take in a day on the beach.
8. Stroll the boardwalk.
9. Play a game of beach volleyball.
10. Celebrate the Fourth of July with a free concert and fireworks show.
11. Catch some waves.
12. Watch the fishing boats depart and return to the Inlet.
13. Fly a kite.
14. Catch some crabs in the bay.
15. Watch the kites fly above the beach at the Kite Festival.
16. Watch the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in March.
17. Watch candy being made at Candy Kitchen at 53rd Street & Coastal Hwy.
18. Watch the annual Ocean City Air Show in June.
19. Take in the professional sand castle display by the boardwalk.
20. Watch for dolphins.
21. Gawk at the huge fish being weighed-in at Harbour Island during the White Marlin Open.
22. Ride a bike at Northside Park.
23. Get up early and watch the sunrise over the ocean.
24. Watch the sunset on the bay.
25. Have a picnic on the beach.
26. Go to the Art’s Alive Festival at Northside Park.
27. Watch the Ravens Roost Annual Parade.
28. Bird watch.
29. Read the plaques on the boardwalk benches.
30. Visit Assateague Island.
31. Watch the Maryland State Firemen’s Parade in June.
32. Window shop on the boardwalk.
33. Rollerblade.
34. Park your car and ride the bus for $3. Easy way to tour the 10 mile strip of Ocean City.
35. Play on one of our many playgrounds.
36. Take a nap on the beach.
37. Enjoy the smell of Dolle’s Popcorn and Thrasher’s French Fries.
38. Have a sandcastle building contest with the family.
39. Search for seashells.
40. Watch the beach combers at night.
41. Go to an exhibit at the Art League of Ocean City’s Center for the Arts.
42. Coordinate an Ocean City-themed scavenger hunt.
43. Enjoy the Sunset Park Party Nights at Sunset Park.
44. Body surf.
45. Explore the commercial fishing harbor in West Ocean City.
46. Take a jog down the boardwalk or in Northside Park.
47. Swim in the ocean.
48. Watch for seagulls soaring above, then splashing down into the sea to catch their meal.
49. Work on your tan, but don’t forget to wear sunscreen!
50. Stroll the docks at one of the marinas and see the catch.
51. Learn about the Indian Statue by Peter Toth at the Inlet.
52. Visit the 100 year-old carousel at Trimper’s Rides on the Boardwalk.
53. Pose for a “Scopes” shot on the beach.
54. Stroll historic downtown Ocean City.
55. People watch.
56. Read a good book on the beach.
57. Watch fireworks light up the night.
58. Visit the outlet shops in West Ocean City.
59. Strike up a conversation with a local.
60. Take in the sights and sounds of the rides and games on the boardwalk.
61. Drop a line in the ocean.
62. Stop by City Hall and view the pictorials of Ocean City’s history.
63. Dig for sand crabs on the beach.
64. Celebrate International Museum Day at the Life-Saving Station Museum.
65. Take a hike on one of our nature trails.
66. Stargaze at night on the quiet beach.
67. Build a family pyramid in the sand.
68. Sit back and take in that unmistakable scent of fresh ocean air.
69. Check out the Performing Arts Center located in the Convention Center.
70. Take the kids to one of Ocean City’s beautiful parks to enjoy the playgrounds.
71. Watch the surfers at one of the dedicated surfing beaches.
72. Take a moonlight stroll on the beach.
73. Watch people parasail over the bay and ocean.
74. Play basketball at one of the public courts.
75. Raise a racquet at one of the bayside tennis courts.
76. Watch the colorful kites fly over the sky in front of the Kite Loft.
77. Make a game out of spotting what is new and improved in town.
78. Make footprints in the sand and watch the waves wash them away.
79. Cast a fishing line from one of the public fishing piers.
80. Stop by the Visitor Center, located in the Convention Center on 40th Street.
81. Visit the Ocean City Library on 100th Street.
82. Go to Somerset Street Plaza for free Wi-Fi.
83. Update your Facebook status on the beach.
84. Take in the Ocean City Firefighters Memorial on the boardwalk at N. Division Street.
85. Catch the free ice skating show at the Carousel.
86. Visit the Assateague Island Visitor Center and keep an eye out for the wild horses that roam the island.
87. Play Frisbee or catch.
88. See how many blocks you can walk on the beach.
89. Take the opportunity to share beach memories with your children.
90. Look at some Ocean City real estate.
91. Build a sand fort and decorate it with seaweed and seashells.
92. See the sand crabs glow in the dark at night with a flashlight.
93. Put on goggles and view the ocean under water.
94. Close your eyes, take a deep breath, and just relax!
95. Float in the ocean, but make sure you don’t drift out too far.
96. Talk to an Ocean City lifeguard about beach safety.
97. Make a seashell necklace or bracelet.
98. Write messages in the sand.
99. View classic cars during Endless Summer Cruisin.
100. Enjoy the last few days of summer at Sunfest.