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18921186_669117313297445_2289779104096671607_o1. Tell me a little bit about yourself 
VP #1 and Chair Annual Meeting and National Convention Committee. I live in Enid, Oklahoma, (Region 8)
2. How many conventions have you attended?
Three – Two in Enid and Seaside 2016
3. Who are you looking forward to reconnecting with at the Convention?
John Barresi and his team. They can fly kites the way I can only dream of.
4. What is one activity that is the ‘must do’ thing at the convention this year?
Take in all of the Vendor Booths in the Fly Mart to see all the cool new stuff coming out from the manufacturers. Also to be able to purchase a cool kite or two.
5. Will you be competing? If so, what categories? 
Not competing – With me it’s more about Organizing and letting the fun happen.
6. What advice do you have for someone who is a first time attendee?
Relax and enjoy the experience. Ask questions. Introduce yourself and get to know others attending.
7. You have just been elected ‘king of the kite field’ for the day. What will your first decree be?
To turn the water into wine. 
8. Who would you say is your greatest influence in the kite world and why?
Actually Richard Dermer was a great influence in my kite world. He always took the opportunity to welcome anyone and everyone into the group. He could offer a solution to any problem we had with flying any kite. He lived kiting, loved kiting and always had a story to share on how to make anything better.
9. Are you wizard with words or a skilled sawbones, maybe you can play the whole 1812 overture with just a kazoo and a drumstick. What is a skill that you have that many people don’t know about? 
I can’t play the 1812 Overture on any instrument. But, I am a professional page turner.  I can read music and be able to turn the page at the right moment.

aka2017 Final logo

AKA’s 40th Annual National Convention Auction Donation Request

It’s that time of year again and this year more than ever we need your help!!

I’m working with the AKA Convention Committee trying to get donation for our Annual Great American Kite Auction. We number 2,000 members throughout the world though most of these members are in the US. Each year we hold an Annual Convention, this year’s being our 40th, will be held in Ocean City, MD,Monday, October 9th to Saturday, October 14th, 2017!

Along with the Convention there is our Annual Auction, Cecilia is Chairperson of the Auction Committee and I have been charged to help with soliciting donations. The Annual Auction is the AKA’s main fundraiser for the year.

How would you like to help the AKA have the greatest auctions ever by helping us raise more money that last year? What we need are items to Auction. This year plans are to have loud and silent auctions, bag raffles and if need be a cash and carry booth.

How would you like to have your product auctioned off, you make many interesting and unique items and where else but at a convention of Kiteflyers could your name get the exposure to that many people interested in our passion at one time.

We would appreciate any size or type of kite or kite related items, unique one of a kind pieces are really great. Size can be from postage stamps to that of the sky.

Remember, this is the AKA’s largest single fundraiser the entire year.

All items are tax deductible.

We are accepting donations up to the day of the Auction, it would just make our job easier if we got your donation ASAP so that they can be cataloged and made ready. Deadline for shipping items is that they arrive no later than September 30, 2017. If it needs to arrive after that date, contact me or the AKA Office for shipping instructions.

If you have any question please feel free to contact us at:

Cecilia Dalllmer            Mike Dallmer 

215-722-4092         215-722-4092

AKA Donor information forms are available, go to AKA donation request letter 2017

Shipping information:

If shipping your auction donations instead of bringing them, send to:

AKA Auction

c/o Cecilia Dallmer

306 Friendship St

Phila., Pa 19111



We would like to thank you in advance for your generous contribution to the 40thAnnual AKA Auction.

Thanks and Good Winds….
Cecilia and Mike Dallmer

2017 AKA Auction Committee

PS: The AKA is a non-profit organization and is run by volunteers.