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Hey There!
Lots going on this last month, and even more coming up in the coming months. We have been updating the content on some of our pages, perhaps you have noticed? Go and check it out and see whats new. You will find the links to those pages through out this email.
Live Chats
I am going to be hosting some online live chats that you will be able to tune into on the AKA Youtube page. (AKA Youtube Channel Some of these we will be answering questions, some we will have interviews with folks, some will have co-hosts. Some will be from the kite field!!
You do not need a Youtube account to view these chats. We are working on scheduling them right now, and will post the information when they are scheduled. There will be several ways you can stay up to date and find out when the next one is. First, you should go subscribe to the AKA Youtube channel. That way, every time we post something new to the channel you will be notified. We will also post information on when the live chats and interviews will be on the AKA Blog (, on the AKA Facebook Page, on the Member’s only portion of, and via email.
National Kite Month
National Kite Month
Every year for the past few years we have featured an AKA member every day during April in celebration of National Kite Month. Are you interested in being one of the featured members? Fill out this interview form here: NATIONAL KITE MONTH
By becoming one of the featured members you help spread the love and joy of kite flying. Other members get to know more about you, and maybe discover similar interests as you. There is no one too big or too small to be a featured member. We want to hear from all of you. Everyone is a valuable asset and we believe you all have some great stories to tell! So why not share them now?
This year there are even more chances to win during National Kite Month! All new and renewing member that sign up or renew their membership between Feb 15th, and May 5th, 2018 will receive a free National Kite Month Vinyl Decal. If you encourage someone to sign up as a member, YOU ALSO get a free National Kite Month Vinyl Decal. (Make sure they put your name in the ‘referred by’ part of their membership.)
Now is the time to register events for National Kite Month, and for every event you register that will be happening between April 1st, 2018 and May 15th, 2018, you will be entered into a drawing for one of 15 Special Prize Packs. The more events you register, the more chances you get to win! What qualifies as an event? Anything kite related for the community! Why not host a fun fly, or maybe you are going to hang your kites in the local library, or even a virtual stunt kite contest. Look to the BLOG ( For more ideas as to kinds of events.
You can register events here:
You can find a listing of current events for National Kite Month here:
Annual Convention
OFFICIAL HOST HOTEL INFORMATION: Below is the link for making Room Reservations at the Hilton. This is the site we HAVE to use to make the room reservations. Attendees cannot phone the reservation line, or the hotel to make reservations.
1) The Hilton is attached to the Convention Center. Easy access to all indoor activities; i.e. Workshops, Banquets, Meetings, In-Door Practice and Fly.
2) Free Parking in the Parking Garage across the street. It is also attached to the Hotel and Convention Center by a sky bridge.
3) Plenty of Bar Space to gather in the evening for visiting with friends. The Hotel Bar will have special drinks and pricing throughout the week.
4) Spacious Rooms with all the amenities.
5) On-Site Restaurant serving Breakfast starting at 6 am
We have a limited number of rooms at a special discounted Group Rate of $99.00 per night. This rate is only available if you make your reservation using the web page: We suggest you book early to get this special rate with free parking.
New Regional Director for Region 6
Please take a moment to welcome Robert Aldrich, the acting Regional Director for Region 6. He saw an opening and stepped up, wanting to keep fellow kite fliers in his region connected with the goings on in the world! you can connect with him directly at
T-Shirt Fundraiser
t-shirtv2Only 3 more days to grab one of these shirts during the second batch run of this special AKA T-Shirt.
More News
“If you wish to attend the kite festival in Dieppe, France as an AKA member, you will have to register with me. The festival dates are September 8th until the 16th. You must be registered to be on the flying fields. We have a large AKA marquee that we decorate, pass out kite information, introduce children to kite making and have a good time.
For more information please contact: Marla Miller- 253 752 7051”
Alright folks, that is a lot! For more information check out our blog ( as new information and news is being posted there frequently. Remember as we go forward through February, that We Fly Higher Together.
Nic O’Neill
President – American Kitefliers Association
Link to my TED Talk about The Power of Kite Flying:
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Twitter akakiters
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