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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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organize an event

Kite events are a tremendous amount of fun.

They include visual and performance art, lots of color, happy smiles all around, and lots of different ways to enjoy the world of kites.

Like other kinds of events, they also require a good deal of work, especially for those new to kite events.  You don’t need to be an AKA member to create a kite event or add your event to our calendar – all worldwide kite-related events are welcome!

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aka's kite event organizer's manual

If you’d like to organize a kite event, more information on types of events can be found in AKA’s Kite Event Organizer’s Manual. (PDF)

AKA sanctioned event manual

AKA can sanction certain events; sanctioning means the AKA endorses the event. Find out more by following the steps in the manual. (PDF)


add an Event to the AKA calendar

If you’d like to list your event on the Calendar, please click the “Submit Event” button next to the calendar on the main EVENT PAGE to add your event. 

Request for Sanctioning (PDF)

Waiver & release of liability  (PDF)

creating a kite event

If you’d like to organize a kite event, more information on types of events can be found in AKA’s Kite Event Organizer’s Manual (above).

This Manual includes all that you’ll need to consider, including:

  • What are you trying to do? What are your goals?
  • What kind of event do you want to organize?
  • What would be a good festival location?
  • What’s the best date for your festival?
  • What will you need to pay for? What’s your expected total cost? Can you find sponsors?
  • Which of the many kinds of possible activities do you want to provide?
  • What’s the schedule for your activities? What’s going to happen during the event?
  • What staff positions do you need for your event, and where will you find those folks?
  • Will you need to invite special guests for demonstrations or assistance? How will you organize and pay for this?
  • Will you provide prizes and awards?
  • What kinds of advertising and promotion do you need?
  • What do you need to do after the event?

AKA will sanction events that adhere to specified procedures; AKA Sanctioning means that members of the American Kitefliers Association are involved in the administration of the event, that the AKA endorses and approves the event, and that those involved in staging and supervising the event qualify for limited coverage under AKA’s liability insurance policy.



Workshops for Kids and Adults.

Do you want to improve your kitemaking skills, learn a new skill, or perhaps get the confidence to make your first kite?  There is a variety of ongoing annual kite workshops throughout the United States.