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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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Kitemakers Competition in 2022

As reported in previous issues of Kiting, there are a number of changes in this year’s Kitemakers Competition. These changes are meant as an experiment for one year. The goal is to encourage more member participation in kitemaking and flying activities at the Convention. The biggest change: every field competition will be judged by the competitors themselves. Fliers will rank the kites being flown in their category and the highest ranked kite will win the category.

Competitive Categories for Kitemakers

  • Flat Kites
  • Bowed Kites
  • Cellular and Dimensional Kites
  • Soft and Flexible Kites
  • Delta Kites
  • Sky display, including arches & ribbons, kite trains, centipedes
  • Fighter Kites
  • Figure Kites
  • Open

Sport Kite Competition in 2022

In April, the 2022 Sport Kite Committee conducted a survey of our membership to estimate the number of sport kitefliers coming to this year’s Convention. There were sufficient responses to host outdoor sport kite demonstrations, several outdoor sport compe-tition events, and two indoor sport kite competition events. The seven sport kite competition events we anticipate hosting at this year’s convention are:

Competitive Categories for Sport Kites

  • Individual Dual-line Precision (Open Class for all skill classes)
  • Individual Dual-line Ballet (Open Class for all skill classes)
  • Individual Multi-line Precision (Open Class for all skill classes)
  • Individual Multi-line Ballet (Open Class for all skill classes)
  • Open Individual Outdoor Unlimited

Indoor Sport Kite Competition Events

  • Open Individual Indoor Single-line
  • Open Individual Indoor Unlimited

Download Competition Information


Flying Competitions

Some kitefliers enjoy competing against their fellow kitefliers to enhance their skills or reputations or to receive other awards.

Kitefliers are judged in flying single sport kites to music, teams of sport kites, and flying precision maneuvers. Teams of people flying trains of multiple kites with long tails is certain to please a crowd every time

Kitemakers’ Competitions

There are many kites that fly well, but that’s only the beginning. Kites can be enormous displays of beautiful artwork that fly like a dream. The combination of kite styles, colors, tails, designs, and patterns is unlimited.

A Variety  of competitions

AKA has established rules for competitions involving sport kites, kitemakers, persons who enjoy fighter kites or Rokkaku battles, and kite aerial photographers.

Sport, Team, and Power Kiting Competitions

Fighter Kites and Rokkaku Competitions

Kitemakers' Competitions

2006 People's Choice - KAP - Bora Bora Reef by Pierre Lesage

Kite Aerial Photography Competition


Try these first steps, and then look at the rulebooks for the kinds of competition that interest you.

competition rulebooks

sport kite fliers rulebooks

International Sport Kite (ISK) Rulebook

ISK Compulsories Book


International Sport Kite Judges Book

AKA Appendix to IRBC Rulebook

more competition rulebooks

Fighter Kite and Rokkaku Competition Rules

People's Choice Competition

Kitemakers' Competitions Rulebook

Kite Aerial Photography Competition

Annual Convention Competition Awards

Grand National Champions

Here are the top awards for the kitemakers’ Grand National Champions

The People's Choice Awards

A list of the People’s Choice Awards from past conventions.