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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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Convention Faq

How do I register? When can I register?

As an AKA Member, you receive the AKA Newsletter, Kiting. The Summer issue will have a registration form inside; you may mail or fax in your printed registration form. Do NOT forget to sign the waiver portion of your registration form; otherwise, you will not be registered.

Also, you may register online at the secure AKA website by using your member number and email address. Unfortunately, we cannot take registration by phone, as our insurance company requires you to sign your insurance waiver or approve via the Internet form. The online registration opens in June.

Will I receive confirmation of my registration?


If you list an email address on your registration, you will receive an email confirmation. Please allow one week for confirmation; if you do not receive the confirmation, you are NOT registered.

If you do not list an email address, you will receive a confirmation by USPS. Please allow two weeks for confirmation; if you do not receive your mailed confirmation, you are NOT registered.

It is your responsibility to make sure you are registered.

When will information about the host hotel be available? I want to be sure of a good room.

Information about the hotel will be included in the Summer issue of Kiting. It will also be posted on the website in June. Although the AKA does have a block of rooms set aside, it is best to reserve your room early.

I noticed the AKA has a reception; am I welcome to attend if I am registered for the convention? Is my significant other also welcome to attend, even if they are not registered for the convention?

The Reception is sponsored by the AKA convention budget and is, therefore, part of the official AKA convention. If you are not registered for the convention, you are not contributing to the reception’s cost.

I am registered for the full convention, but my significant other is not. Is there any way I could get an extra spot at one of the workshops so my partner can attend?

The AKA has created a “day pass” registration, which allows a member to register for only a day or two. Whatever day(s) they register for, they are allowed to attend all of the events on that day. The exception to this rule is the banquets (you need to purchase a banquet ticket) and the field competitions. All competitors in trophy events need to be registered for the full convention.

Can I participate in the competitions at the convention?

It depends on each competition. Sport kite competition both indoors and outdoors is restricted to only invited pre-qualified flyers. For qualifying information, contact your regional director.

The kitemakers and fighter kite competition, the rok battles, and all challenges are open to every registered convention attendee.

I want to compete in only one event. Can I purchase the day pass or do I need to register for the entire convention?

All those competing in any trophy event must register for the entire convention, no matter how many days they choose to attend.

I want to register, but I don’t want to compete; can I still bring kites to fly?

Yes. Most of our sites have fields large enough to accommodate a spot for the general public. Visit the AKA website for specifics.

My passion is photography. Can I go up close to get great pictures during the competitions?

The head judges are always looking for volunteers to document the competition. Contact them and volunteer. If those positions are filled, we ask that you remain behind the line and allow the competitors to focus on the events. Most competitors will gladly talk with you and allow pictures to be taken after the competition has finished.

What are all these challenges, Special Angel Fly or Bag challenge?

The Angel Fly is to honor kiting friends who have passed on. You are encouraged to fly a white kite. Other special flys will be announced on the AKA website at The challenges are organized with fun in mind; check the convention program for details.

The Workshops look really interesting, how do I sign up for them?

Workshops are on a “first come – first served” basis. Many of the more sought-after workshops run for two sessions (check the schedule), but you must arrive early if there is only one session.

What is the difference between the Board of Directors meeting and the Annual Business Meeting? Is the Annual Business Meeting only for the Board of Directors, or may I attend?

The Board of Directors holds a meeting on Tuesday morning. This is the only board meeting done face to face; all the other meetings are via a conference call. All members are welcome to attend the board meeting.

The ABM is the place where Association business is discussed, and  Officers and Regional Directors are elected; it is the Association’s only face-to-face meeting, and all AKA members are encouraged to attend. This is the opportunity for all members to ask questions of their board. This meeting is typically held Wednesday evening.

Whether or not they are registered for the convention, all AKA members are welcome to attend both meetings.

What is the Thursday Night Challenge?

Thursday night is the Kite Gallery’s official opening (featured kite artist and their work), the Fly Mart (retail sales from kite-related vendors), and the pin and miniature kite challenge. If you are interested in any of the challenges, talk with your regional director about participating – they can give you some great tips.

Fly Mart? What is sold there? Could I reserve a space?

The Fly Mart is an opportunity for you to purchase some unique kites and accessories at a retail level. Each year the selection is different depending on who has reserved a space. Typically you can buy kites, tails, lines, winders, jewelry, miniature kites, books, and many other kite-themed items. The Fly Mart is the only place at the convention that items may be sold, and only those paying for a booth may sell items.

Non-AKA members may purchase a Fly Mart pass to allow them to shop.
Anyone registered for the convention may reserve a booth. Spaces are limited and must be paid and reserved in advance.

Contact the Fly mart coordinator for more information.

What happens at the Friday night auction and banquet?

The Friday Night Auction is the largest fundraiser the AKA holds. Members participate in cash & carry and a silent and loud auction, raising funds for the AKA while enjoying dinner and a cash bar. Dress for the event ranges from cutoffs to formal attire – your choice!

The auction is open to all AKA members. If you are not registered for the convention, stop at the check-out table upon entering to get a bidding number.

What is the Bag Raffle?

The bag raffle is held from Wednesday until Saturday noon when the winners are drawn. Many, many wonderful items are available to win. You purchase tickets, typically 4/$1, and put your name on each. Each item has a bag next to it. Drop a ticket into the bag of the items you would like to win. The more tickets you drop, the better your chance of winning.

What happens at the Saturday night awards banquet?

The Saturday night event is for rewarding those members who have achieved awards through competitions or special recognition and voting for Members Choice items. On the final night of the weeklong gathering, the awards banquet honors those who have competed throughout the week and are receiving trophies. Also, those groups or individuals who have assisted or volunteered during the week are recognized. There is a cash bar, and again dress for the event is whatever you choose. Many like to show off a special Happi coat or other kiting-themed attire.

My partner is not registered for the convention, but I would like them and two of my other friends (guests, children) to attend the banquet. Are there extra tickets to be purchased?

Yes. Full registration includes two banquet tickets, one for Friday night and one for Saturday night. A la Carte tickets can be purchased for guests. Purchase these tickets from the convention manager early in the week. Since a minimal number are available, they go quickly.

What happens if I can’t attend either one or both of the banquets: Can I get a refund?

Your registration covers all events whether or not you choose to participate. No refunds can be offered if you do not attend the banquets. The AKA must pay for the food that was ordered based on our reservation numbers

What will we be eating for dinner?

The menu will be listed on the website before registration opens. Typically there is a beef option on Friday and a chicken option on Saturday, with vegetarian options on both nights.

I have been asked to be a committee chair or head judge, is there anything special I should do?

The AKA provides radios, stopwatches, wind meters, clipboards, power strips, and bibs for judges and competitors. If you are in charge of any competitions, you may need rulebooks, score sheets, or judging information. Print your material and bring it with you or have it printed onsite. Your convention chairperson will tell you what items are reimbursable. Be sure to get all expenditures approved in advance.

I have volunteered at the convention, is there anything special I should do?

The Convention Manager will inform the convention committee chairperson that you are volunteering. The chair will be in contact with you after early registration closes, typically in early September.

If you are not contacted, contact the annual meeting chair around 9/15.

How do I find out what times the events are?

The AKA website will list all the times as they become available. Times are always subject to change.