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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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the AKA Event Calendar

There are a great variety of kite festivals, fun flies, and kitemaking workshops for all ages. If you’d like to list your event on the Calendar, please click the “Add Event” button to add your event.  All worldwide kite-related events are welcome. You don’t need to be an AKA member to add your event.

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To submit an event, click the button above. This calendar is intended to be used to notify the general public and the membership of the American Kitefliers Association about kite-related events. Submission of an event does not guarantee that it will be posted to the calendar. By submitting an event, you state that the event is a kite-related event or an event that involves kites as a central theme. If you have any questions, please email 


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A gathering of kite enthusiasts, artists, and competitors.


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Find out how to create an event and have it sanctioned by the AKA.

National Kite Month

April has been officially designated as National Kite Month.

Every year, National Kite Month helps us welcome Spring with a joyous lifting of all of our kites high into the sky. It’s all about flying kites and sharing them with others.
There are lots of ways to enjoy the fun.

more kite events


Just come and fly a kite!  Anyone of any skill level can show up and fly any type of kite at a fun fly. No registration is necessary. There may be one field for everyone or multiple fields designated for different types of kites. A few events reserve a field for certain special guest kitefliers. These events can be as simple as a “kite day” at your local school field or a recurring “fly day” sponsored by a local kite club.


Kite Shows are performance art, kite style. Expert kitefliers are invited to wow you with their skills. These may be kite flies with kites of specific themes or individual ballet-style performances, indoors or outdoors, including sport kite fliers who synchronize the movements of their kites to music. The performers use their own cordoned-off area. Teams of multi-line kite fliers can amaze an audience with precision flying and complicated maneuvers.


There are many festivals to choose from in many parts of the country and the world, both single and multi-day.

They’re different: a festival on a soft sand beach is not the same as a festival on green grass or a parking lot or a frozen lake in the winter. Kite festivals can be held outdoors or indoors, on a beach or in a field, or indoors in a gymnasium or event space where ultralightweight kites are flown to music as a demonstration, performance, or competition.


Do you love kites and love to travel? There are many kite festivals in countries besides the United States that bring fliers from all over the world together.

These festivals may offer a long schedule of activities that can last from three to ten days and can include activities such as all types of kite flying plus kite art displays, Bol races, children’s kite making, kite battles, ground displays, and candy drops.



Workshops for Kids and Adults.

Do you want to improve your kitemaking skills, learn a new skill, or perhaps get the confidence to make your first kite?  There is a variety of ongoing annual kite workshops throughout the United States.