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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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11218954_10207744705075686_2011195396872993771_nQ: Why did you pick to host a symposium for the AKA Sport Kite Committee? I’m the chairman of the committee and I look forward to receiving input.
Q: How many AKA Conventions have you been to? My first convention was in 2000. I think I’ve been to more than I’ve miss since then.
Q: Why should someone who has never been to the convention, make the decision to come? It’s a kiting experience unlike any other.
Q: As you run around through out the day, what do you use to keep properly fueled and on the top of your game? Cheese.
Q: Often times our presenters are hosting workshops at the same time other workshops are happening, so they might miss out on something 🙁 What one workshop or event are you bound and determined to go to, even if it means you have to dress the President up in your clothes and makeup to fill in for you? Social media.
Q: If you have been to a Convention before, what is the most memorable workshop/event/roundtable you ever went to, and why? Last year, social media, learned stuff, cool stuff.
Q: A magical fairy has descended on the AKA Convention, and is going to grant you four wishes, what do you wish for? Another bucket.
Q: The convention isn’t all about competition, a big part of it is about reconnecting with fellow kite fliers. Who are you most looking forward to reconnecting with? Richard Debray.
Q: You have just been elected ‘king of the kite field’ for the day. What will your first decree be? Turn up the music.
Q: Should everyone at the convention be required to: a) wear a cape with their hidden superpower on it for one day. b) Drop what they are doing at 12:46 every day and dance with the closest person c) carry with them at all times a stuffed animal d) have access to an all you can eat cupcake buffet We’ll work on that one.
Q: What is one funny trait about you that most people don’t know? I can’t spel.
Q: When you pack for your trip to the convention, even if you make a list and check it twice, what is the one thing you will inevitably forget? Coffee, fresh brewed, morning coffee. A Latte works well too.
Q: Do you play a musical instrument? Not very well, guitar and piano.
Q: If you had a really fluffy bunny, what would you name it? Fiver.
Q: You have just opened a kite themed restaurant. What is your signature dish and your signature drink? Oreo cookies and milk.
Q: Who would you say is your greatest influence in the kite world and why? The next kid that comes along wanting to really learn how to fly. I love seeing the lights come on as they improve, as they grow.
Q: What is your favorite kite? It depends how much wind and what time it is. For example, 6am and 20mph it’s the 761, and 9am and 7mph the UL Jinx setup Evidence style.