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14568157_10155327270597729_4528029309076064924_nWOAH!!! What a special day yesterday!! The weather wasn’t great, in fact it caused us to move some things around like our sport kite competitions and our mass ascensions. Who wants to stand in the crashing waves and thunderstorm rain clouds to fly a kite?
Last night was the Annual Business Meeting, and some of the highlights were finding out that the next Convention will return to where it all began forty years ago: Ocean City, Maryland!  This was the last convention that Mel Hickman will be acting as Executive Director, and with all of the love and smiles the kite community has told him to get out from behind the desk and GO FLY A KITE!  Additionally election results were announced:
Nic O’Neill – President14517491_10155327270652729_6952637838219506613_n,
1st VP – Phillip Whitaker,
2nd VP – Brett Morris,
Secretary – Gayle Woodul,
Treasurer Cecila Dallmer.
Additionally Directors at Large will be Scott Davis, Kelly Mayhew-Nunes, Lindsey Johnson, and Spence Watson.

Region 1 – Maggie Engvall
Region 2 – Daniel McGee
Region 3 – Donald Jacobs
Region 4 – John Layton
Region 8 – Jason McCaleb
Several other important things were brought up during the Annual Business Meeting, and more of that will be posted in the meeting notes in the members section. One thing that really stood out was the need for a Sustaining Gift option for members or others.  If you would like to make a sustaining gift, download the following form and send it to If you have any questions or would prefer to not send your information via email, please contact the Executive Director via email for further options on how to make a sustainable donation.
Sustaining Gift
This form will be posted to the members section shortly after the convention has wrapped up and our worker bees are back behind the scenes.
Thankfully today looks like it will be a lot better. Yes the clouds will still roll in, but the rain will be light and in frequent. Expect the temperatures to be in the mid to upper 50’s and the winds to be between 5-10mph. Max wind speed will be around 14mph.
At 9 am head over to Riverview C for a workshop with Lindsey Johnson, From Sketch to Flight. In Seaside C will be Origin of the Specie with Robert Brasington, and a Make and Take Trash Bag Delta with Alexa King in Seaside B. At 10:30 Learn to fly indoors with Donna Wendt in the Pacific Room.
On Field 2 the kitemakers competition will kick off at 11 and run through till 5pm.  On field 1 is the Mass Ascension of Cellular and Dimensional kites at 1, followed by Mystery Kite Fly, Kites with moving parts, and the oldest kite in the bag. In Field 3 will be the Fighter Kite Competition from 1-5pm. Don’t miss the Indoor Kite Competition starting with the pilots meeting at 6:30 in the Pacific Room.