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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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Are you ready for Day 2! Today it looks like the weather is not optimal, but the winds might be.  Make sure you pack your rain coats and boots, and take care of each other. It will be in the mid 50’s all day. Light showers will start in the morning, and increase in intensity after 10am. As the rain comes in, so to will the wind, so expect the wind speed to pick up to 10mps around 10 am, then peak out at 15mph through out the day, with an average wind-speed of 12mph. The worst of the wind and rain will be around 11 am and 4pm. If conditions on the field for kite fliers has become to treacherous, there will be a halt to competition and all activities will move indoors for safety.  Stay tuned to the Facebook page for the most up to date information on changes as they are happening.
At 9 am in Riverview C will be the 1st Timers Introduction to the Convention with Phillip Whittaker.
In Seaside C will be Drones and KAP – What happens when a Drone hits your kite line? With Ken Conrad and Jim Powers.
In Seaside A will be Pre-Judging: Kite Makers Competition Meeting with Mike Mosman.
At 10:30 am join Susie Jo Skinner in Seaside B for a Make and Take workshop of a Miniature Sled Kite with the Convention Logo.
At 1pm on Field 1 will be the Mass Ascension of Rokkakus and Fighter Kites, followed by a Mass Ascension of Native American Kites at 2pm, then the Smallest Kite in the Bag at 3pm, and Kites with Wood Spars at 4pm.
On Field 2 will be the Sport Kite Field with the Pilots and Judges meeting at noon, followed by Precision and Ballet competitions till after 4pm.
On Field 3 starting at 1pm will be the Fighter Kite Competition and it will run through to 5pm.
Don’t miss the Annual Business Meeting tonight at 7pm. If you are unable to attend but would still like to know what is going on, look for the meeting notes to be posted in our members section shortly.
After the Business Meeting there will be a recap post here on the blog with all of the great things that went on today, and more about what is to come! Get all of the most up to date information on our Facebook page at: Want to see what everyone is posting? Use the following hashtag to find #AKAGN