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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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Selected by attending membership at each annual AKA Convention, the Peoples Choice award is purely based on general appeal and popularity, sometimes making winning this award more exciting than Grand Champion.

Below is a partial photo gallery of People’s Choice winners, if you can help us fill in missing years (info/photos), please contact portal AT kite DOT org to volunteer.

Ruby Red

2019 – Seaside, Oregon

Kite – Cliff Pennell – “Ruby Red”
Accessory – Lindsey Johnson – “Northern Lights for Kites”

2018 – Shreveport, Louisiana

Kite – Donna Houchins – “Metamorphosis”

2017 – Ocean City, Maryland

Information coming soon

2016 – Seaside, Oregon

Information coming soon

2015 – Enid, Oklahoma

Kite – Alexa King
Accessory – Alex Meyer

2014 – Nags Head, North Carolina

Kite – Jon Trennepohl – “Suspended Wing Delta”
Accessory – David Tuttle

2011 – Wildwood, New Jersey

KAP – Darrin Skinner – “Bannerific Labyrinth”

2010 – Seaside, Oregon

Kite – Walt Mitchell – “Rising Phoenix”
KAP – Pierre Lesage – “AhuTongariki, Easter Island”

2008 – Gettysburg, Pennsylvania

Kite – Glen Haynes
Accessory – Debbie Von Bokern
KAP – Pete Dolphin

2005 – Ocean City, Maryland

Information coming soon

2004 – Seaside, Oregon

Information coming soon

2001 – Billings, Montana

Information coming soon

2000 – Treasure Island, Florida

Information coming soon

1999 – Muncie, Indiana

Information coming soon

1998 – Ocean Shores, Washington

Information coming soon

1997 – Wildwood, New Jersey

Information coming soon

1996 – Santa Monica, California

Information coming soon

1995 – Tulsa, Oklahoma

Information coming soon


1994 – Wildwood, New Jersey

Information coming soon

1993 – Seaside, Oregon

Kite – Randy Tom
Accessory – Stan Swanson

1992 – Lubbock, Texas

Kite – Jose Sainz
Accessory – Ilene Atkins/Michael Graves

1991 – Jacksonville, Florida

Kite – Oscar and Sarah Bailey
Accessory – Dennis Kumerowski

1990 – Seaside, Oregon

Information coming soon

1989 – Honolulu, Hawaii

Kite – Bobby Stanfield, Bobbi and Mike Lane

1988 – Chicago, Illinois

Kite – Martin Lester
Accessory – Dennis Kumerowski

1987 – Washington, DC

Kite – Scott Skinner
Accessory – Chris Silvin

1986 – Newport, Rhode Island

Information coming soon

1985 – San Diego, California

Kite – Adrian Conn
Accessory – Dave Nichols

1984 – Nashville, Tennessee

Kite – Adrian Conn

1983 – Columbus, Ohio

Kite – Hammamatsu Team

1982 – Detroit, Michigan

Kite – Adrian Conn
Accessory – Charley Sotich

1981 – Detroit, Michigan

Kite – Brooks Leffler
Accessory- Bob Price