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kite activities

There’s an enormous number of kite activities that can provide great personal satisfaction and other benefits.  Throughout history, kites have been used in a huge variety of activities.



Competitions for kitemakers and kitefliers are common. Some of these competitions involve kite battles to see which kiteflier or kite team can eliminate all others from the sky.



Kites can be used to teach art, math, science, and many other subjects. Kite workshops for Adults and Kids are a part of year round activities.

family fun


Kiteflying with other family members can be a wonderful pastime for adults and children of all ages. Families can also participate in competitions.

kites for kids


Kiting is often remembered as one of the most wonderful and educational activities of childhood.

There are many valuable lessons that can be learned through kiting.

Children need to know that they can make things themselves and use them and that these activities can be fun.

Artistic performances


Kites have been used in indoor and outdoor flying routines, some involving music and ballet or acrobatic movements in individual and team performances.

artistic statements


Kites have been used as objects of spectacular design, indoor decoration, and sky sculpture. Many artists showcase their work in annual competitions.


Kites have hoisted everything from people to building materials and logs. Kites have moved boats, carriages, and pallets full of supplies. Traction kiting, like Kitesurfing, is quite popular now.

More activities using kites


For centuries, kites have been used to carry fishing lines to areas difficult to reach by boat or by wading.

military applications

Kites have been used for reconnaissance, antiaircraft targets, signaling, mail transfer, sea rescue, observation, artillery spotting, target practice, scary enemy soldiers, and to raise radio antennae.


Kites have been used as part of religious beliefs, symbols, and worship ceremonies.


Kites have been used for ship-to-shore rescues at sea and on ski slopes. They have been used to signal for help by sailors in distress.

science and engineering

The Wright brothers and Ben Franklin made famous uses of kites. Kites have lifted instruments for measuring humidity, temperature and barometric pressure at different elevations and wind speeds.


Interesting photographs can be taken from the sky by mounting a camera on a kite’s flying line. The shutter is triggered by radio, by a timer or by a string.