“Share the Joy of Kites.”


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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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The AKA is supported by generous donors of the kiting community


special programs for kids

Thank You, Charlie Program

The “Thank You Charlie Program” was created and approved as a program in 2014 to purchase and distribute free kite kits to selected nonprofit organizations that work with children with the intent of generating goodwill and publicity for kiting.

This program is named in honor of the late Charlie Sotich, known for donating, not selling his miniature kites. He was known around the world for his kindness and generosity.

Continuing in Charlie’s spirit, our mission is to provide a joyful kite experience to children who may not otherwise have the opportunity to make or fly a kite.

This program’s funding comes through monetary donations and/or kite kit donations from kite clubs and individuals. For more information, please contact the AKA office.


Kites for Kids with Cancer (with support from The Rich Comras Funds)

In January of 2017, the kite community lost a great ambassador. Rich Comras was well known to many in the kite community for his passion and love of all aspects of kite flying. He knew that it didn’t matter what was going on in your life; if you had just a few minutes to fly a kite, your world would be changed for the better. That change would last and stay with you for the rest of your life.

In November of 2014, Rich was diagnosed with cancer. He didn’t let his diagnosis rule his life; instead, he spent countless hours flying his kites and delighting all of those around him. One is hard-pressed to find a fellow kite flier in the United States that had not either flown with him or heard of his kite-flying antics.

The mission of this program is to provide a joyful experience with kites for children with cancer. While the program is directed primarily to provide free kite kits to facilities specializing in treating childhood cancer, it also recognizes the need of individual children and their families.

A variety of kite kits are available to meet the needs of different children. Some completed kites can be flown by running in a field; others by waving a flying wand from a sitting position. All kite kits invite children to create their own art.

This program was made possible by a Go Fund Me campaign organized by the Rich Comras family, and continuing funding is by donation. For more information about this program, please contact the AKA office.


national kite month

National Kite Month is a month-long celebration of kites. Using the combined efforts of hundreds of kite community members, NKM provides a marketing resource for event organizers to help them organize and promote kite events throughout the country.

These resources come in the form of pre-generated press releases and media that help solicit press coverage of their events and include social media tips and assets. Through National Kite Month, the public sees the benefit of kites and their contributions to society.

Through education and play, kites provide a family-friendly and environmentally responsible hobby that encourages exploration of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics (STEAM).



AKA great kite auction

Every year, the AKA runs the Great Kite Auction at its annual convention. Unique kites, special collectibles, and much more are auctioned off in our loud auction that is equal parts crazy and fun.

The Great Kite Auction is our largest fundraising event of the year.

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Learn more about the AKA and its Mission to share the joy of kiting.

Special awards

Annually, the AKA recognizes kitefliers who have made significant and inspirational contributions to the AKA and kiting in general.


The AKA is managed by an Executive Committee and Regional Directors representing regions within the United States and Internationally.