“Share the Joy of Kites.”


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“Share the Joy of Kites.”

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35th Annual American Kitefliers Association Annual Convention and Grand Nationals

Enid, OK


Sport Kite

Exp Individual Ballet1Paul Koepke
Exp Individual Ballet2Laura Stonestreet
Exp Individual Ballet3Charles Stonestreet
Exp Individual Precision1Paul Koepke
Exp Individual Precision2Laura Stonestreet
Exp Individual Precision3Edward Skow
Exp Individual Multiline Ballet1John Gillespie
Exp Individual Multiline Precision1John Gillespie
Exp Pairs Ballet1A Saber's Edge
Exp Pairs Precision1A Saber's Edge
Exp Team Ballet1TKO
Exp Team Precision1TKO
Masters Individual Ballet1Aaron Champie
Masters Individual Ballet2Elizabeth Gordon
Masters Individual Ballet3Jerry Hershey
Masters Individual Precision1Aaron Champie
Masters Individual Precision2Elizabeth Gordon
Masters Individual Precision3John Gillespie
Masters Individual Multiline Ballet1Mark Quirmbach
Masters Individual Multiline Ballet2Dennis Smith
Masters Individual Multiline Ballet3Aaron Champie
Masters Individual Multiline Precision1Mark Quirmbach
Masters Individual Multiline Precision2Aaron Champie
Masters Individual Multiline Precision3Karl Berg
Masters Pairs Ballet1Fire & Ice
Masters Pairs Precision1Fire & Ice
Masters Team Ballet1AirZone
Masters Team Precision1AirZone
Novice Individual Ballet1John Clontis
Novice Individual Precision1John Clontis
Open Pairs Multiline Ballet1Quadaholics
Open Pairs Multiline Ballet2Damn Yankee Quad
Open Pairs Multiline Precision1Damn Yankee Quad
Open Team Train Ballet1Heaven Help Us
Open Indiv Outdoor Unlimited1Mark Quirmbach
Open Indiv Outdoor Unlimited2Charles Stonestreet
Open Indiv Outdoor Unlimited3Troy Gunn

Indoor Competition

Open Indiv Indoor Unlimited1John Barresi
Open Indiv Indoor Unlimited2Michael Mosman

Kite Making

Grand Champion1Simon Crafts
2012 Grand Champion:  Simon Crafts - Barnstormer


Best Use-Traditional Materials1Carl Anderson2013 Best Use-Traditional Materials - Carl Anderson
Bowed Kites1Adrian Conn2012 Bowed Kites 1st - Adrian Conn
Bowed Kites2Simon Crafts2012 Bowed 2nd - Simon Crafts
Bowed Kites3Robert Lockhart2012 Bowed 3rd - Robert Lockhart
Cellular & Dimensional1Simon Crafts2012 Cellular & Dimensional 1st - Simon Crafts
Cellular & Dimensional2Barbara Meyer2012 Cellular & Dimensional 2nd - Barb Meyer
Cooperative1Meyer & Weber2012 Cooperative 1st - Meyer & Weber
Delta1Simon Crafts2012 Delta 1st - Simon Crafts
Delta2Barbara Meyer2012 Delta 2nd - Barb Meyer
Delta3Adrian Conn2012 Delta 3rd - Adrian Conn
Fighter Kites1Phil Broder2012 Fighter 1st - Phil Broder
Fighter Kites2Carl Anderson2012 Fighter 2nd - Carl Anderson
Fighter Kites3Bill Schumacher2012 Fighter 3rd - Bill Schumacher
Figure Kites1Mike Shaw2012 Figure 1st - Mike Shaw
Figure Kites2David Ellis2012 Figure 2nd - David Ellis
Flat Kites1Adrian Conn2012 Flat 1st - Adrian Conn
Flat Kites2Phil Broder2012 Flat 2nd - Phil Broder
Flat Kites3Bill Schumacher2012 Flat 3rd - Bill Schumacher
Highest Score in Craftsmanship1Simon Crafts2012 Highest Score in Craftsmanship - Simon Crafts
Highest Score in Flight1Alexa King2012 Highest Score in Flight - Alexa King
Highest Score in Structural Design1Simon Crafts2012 Highest Score in Structural Design - Simon Crafts
Highest Score in Visual Appeal1Alexa King2012 Highest Score in Visual Appeal - Alexa King
Mixed Media1Alexa King2012 Mixed Media 1st - Alexa King
Most Innovative1Robert Lockhart2012 Most Innovative - Robert Lockhart
Novice Kitemaker1Dallas Labrada2012 Novice 1st - Dallas Labrada
Rokkakus1Alexa King2012 Rokkaku 1st - Alexa King
Rokkakus2Robert Lockhart2012 Rokkaku 2nd - Robert Lockhart
Rokkakus3Phil Broder2012 Rokkaku 3rd - Phil Broder
Soft & Flexible1Barbara Meyer2012 Soft & Flexible 1st - Barb Meyer
Soft & Flexible2Mike Shaw2012 Soft & Flexible 2nd - Mike Shaw
Soft & Flexible3Dallas Labrada2012 Soft & Flexible 1st - Dallas Labrada
Special Recognition1Park Fleming2012 Special Recognition - Park Fleming
Trains & Centipedes1Barbara Meyer2012 Trains & Centipedes - Barb Meyer
Trains & Centipedes2David Ellis2012 Trains & Centipedes - David Ellis


rokIndividual1Ronda Brewer
rokIndividual2David Gomberg
rokIndividual3Gary Goodenough
rokTeam1Team Good Brew
rokTeam2Team Sooners
rokTeam3Team Question Mark
fighterNovice Line Touch1Cat Gabrel
fighterNovice Line Touch2Ronda Brewer
fighterNovice Line Touch3Dave Corning
fighterNovice Skills1Charles Stewart
fighterNovice Skills2Pam Hodges
fighterNovice Skills3Dean Murray
fighterExp Line Touch1Andy Selzer
fighterExp Line Touch2Dave Young
fighterExp Line Touch3Sharon Champie
fighterExp Skills1Gary Goodenough
fighterExp Skills2Bob Hegman
fighterExp Skills3Dave Young

Miniature Kite Challenge

Susie Jo Skinner – Kite: Marble Wave
1stSusie Jo Skinner – Kite: Pink Rose
2ndSusie Jo Skinner – Kite: Balloon
3rdSusie Jo Skinner – Kite: Marble Wave
1stSusie Jo Skinner – Kite: Marble Wave
2ndCharm Lindner – Kite: Two Pandas
3rdSusie Jo Skinner – Kite: Pink Rose
1stSusie Jo Skinner – Kite: Marble Wave
2ndSusie Jo Skinner – Kite: Pink Rose
3rdSusie Jo Skinner – Kite: Balloon
1stSusie Jo Skinner – Kite: Square
2ndPam Hodges – Kite: Stamp Collection
3rdSusie Jo Skinner – Kite: Balloon