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2011 – Cliff Quinn

Notification letter: Cliff became a member of the AKA in 1992. His first convention was at Wildwood New Jersey in 1996. After being hooked into kite flying, Cliff asked his wife to sew a kite or two for him. She did and then told him to learn to sew. He did and now is...

2011 – Meg Albers

Nomination letter: The Edeiken award has been presented in the past, to kiters who contributed to our community by traveling on cultural exchanges, writing, organizing events, teaching, researching our kite history, and facilitating non-profits to promote or preserve...

2011 – Mikio Toki

Nomination letter: The first time we met Mikio was on the beaches of Washington State. He had the most magnificent kite in the air and was talking to a friend of ours. We were introduced and he treated us as long time friends. We talked, or more accurately, he talked...
2011 – Wildwood, NJ

2011 – Wildwood, NJ

34th Annual American Kitefliers Association Annual Convention and Grand Nationals Wildwood, NJ [hr] Sport Kite Experienced Individual Dual-line Ballet Place Name Tiebreakers & Deductions Score 1 Elizabeth Gordon 73.533 2 Toby Arndt 73.20 3 Jesse Kapsten 67.867 4...

2011 Voting

President Candidate Total Barbara Meyer 494 94.6% Susan Gomberg 1 0.2% Cory Lama 1 0.2% Gayle Woodul 3 0.6% Jeff McCowen 3 0.6% Larry Stiles 1 0.2% Corey Jensen 2 0.4% David Gomberg 2 0.4% Russ Faulk 1 0.2% Gary Engvall 9 1.7% Jon Burkhardt 1 0.2% Steve Ferrell 1 0.2%...