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Nomination letter:

2005 Edeiken Winner - Pete DolphinWe are writing to nominate for the Edeiken Award, AKAs consummate showman. That showman is Pete Dolphin.
A showmans reputation is more than simply a resume of accomplishments. A resume would detail that he had designed award winning freestyle programs. But that would not begin to explain the impact of Pete dressed as the Wicked Witch for his Over the Rainbow presentation, his Luke Skywalker to Sue Sedgwicks Princess Lia (complete with bagels in her hair) for the Death Star routine, or his classic ZZ Top imitation in Well Dressed Man.
But a resume says something as well.

  • Dolphin has won AKA national trophies in Sport Kiting, Kitemaking, and
  • Rokkaku Fighting.
  • Dolphin has been named Peoples Choice at AKA more than any other kite
  • designer.
  • Dolphin has performed throughout Asia and Europe annually for the past 15
  • years.
  • •Dolphin has done AKAs most difficult job that of President for two terms.

There is a saying in on the kite circuit that, if you want your picture taken, hang around Pete. His Rainbow Arch, Ring of Freedom Crown, and Soul Train of dead rock icons are media magnets. Pete has appeared in countless newspapers and television broadcasts as one of Americas most photographed kiters.
To relax, he flies a giant Manta Ray in the park near his home outside of Philadelphia.
That always gets attention. And once he called a local radio station who wanted to lift a big flag at a public concert. They were looking for a crane. Pete told them the proper way to lift a large flag in a field was with an equally large kite. And thats what he did.
Pete has waived AKAs flag in countless venues with a positive, enthusiastic, and
exuberant style.
David Gomberg tells a story of the night he and Pete were walking to their hotel after a kite banquet in France. It was cold and windy and the streets deserted except for a single soul stumbling down the sidewalk toward them. He was obviously intoxicated so David and Pete crossed the narrow street. But as the old man came closer, he stopped and squinted across the void toward them. He then pointed at Pete and called out in broken
English, I know you! You are the famous American kiteflier!!.
If even the drunks in France recognize Pete, certainly we should as well.
Submitted by
Susan Gomberg
Alan Sparling
Betty Hirschmann